Export of antique Arms

Question posted by Jon Harrison, on behalf of Flintlock and Steel in YO51

I have contacts both in the US and Canada wishing to buy antique arms (flintlock and percussion) from the UK.
These arms are exempt from any form of licence in both countries and the UK. They may be freely held as collector's items or curios.
I was looking towards getting an OGEL but not really sure that applies for occasional one off, low value, shipment. Even with that in place it would still leave the logistical issue of shipping.

The main difficulty I'm finding is a route out of the UK as it appears no carrier will take such items despite the fact they may be 150-250 years old and inert. They fall under the carrier's definition of "firearms" despite being exempt from any legislative control.

I need help with locating a cost effective shipment route out of the UK to these destinations.

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Dear Jon

Can you please advise directly the weight , size and destination of the shipments
and we look into the matter . our email address is colin.crown@ntlwaorld.com
or phone 01263 513127
We look forward to hearing from yourselves
Best regards
Colin ; Crown Freight

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Hello Jon

I suggest you give Ferrari Express a call. They are specialist freight agents for shipping firearms of all types.

They are based near Heathrow airport but cover all UK and have their own offices worldwide

Tel 01753 287814 or 0845 1302772 and explain what you want to do

They have all methods of transport available and export firearms all the time.

Tell them that I recommended them to you, it might count for something


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Hello Jon

I have recently been dealing with such a shipment. As long as the guns are classed as "obselete caliber" and travel without any type of ammunition, airfreight is fine, and costs are fairly low, dependent on destination.

If I can help further, please let me know.


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Jon Harrison, on behalf of Flintlock and Steel in YO51.

Thank you,

Packages ready to go:
To Canada, Alberta – 2 flintlock pistols, made circa 1770’s. Dimensions 39 x 24 x 12 weight 1.8kg Value £580

To USA – Pennsylvania – 1 Peabody Martini rifle (mf 1876) 140 x 22 x 10 weight 4.6kg
Value £360 (exempt - obsolete calibre)

Email replies jon@flintlockandsteel.co.uk
Based North Yorkshire

These are typical single unit sizes. Combined shipments will be much larger.
Customers are also referring others. Trade will be regular and increasing.
There will also be, to a lesser degree, some occasional import of similar items.

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Shane Kimberley, on behalf of GTA (Exhibitions) Ltd in GL20.


We would advise that you contact the company below who are well versed in transporting this type of goods. PAR Freight Services Ltd

Tel : +44 (0) 1628 528363
Efax no : +44 (0) 1189 195197

E mail: info@parfreight.com

They are a preferred shipper of the GTA Ltd.

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Sue Marsden Gilpin, on behalf of UK Trade & Investment USA in United States.

Hi Jon,

According to the article below on the US Customs and Border Protection website, the importation of firearms is regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ( http://www.atf.gov/firearms/how-to/import-firearms-ammo-implements-of-war.html ). You should contact this office to ensure full compliance of US rules and regulations.

As stated, might be best to check the "Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide".

Requirements for Importing: https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/210/

Diana Lau

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