Export natural cosmetics to India

Question posted by Mansoor Qazi, on behalf of Rose 5 Cosmetics Ltd in B18


I am looking for distributors in India for our natural mineral make-up range. Would like advice on how best to search and contact distributors/importers. I'm going to India for 5 weeks in early December 2013 so would like to utilise this time to meet any potential distributors & business partners.

Many Thanks,


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HI Mansoor,
We can help with that!
Can you please specify:
- the size of your business (is your turnover below or above £25M)
- where are you located (Birmingham, Black Country, or else)
so i will be able to direct you to the right team within UKTI?
Many thanks

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Mansoor Qazi, on behalf of Rose 5 Cosmetics Ltd in B18.

Hi Giuliana,

Thanks for your response. I am already in touch with UKTI Birmingham and have an allocated adivsor who has helped with OMIS to participate in a catalogue show in Saudi Arabia in Dec.

My advisor at UKTI and myself have tried to contact UKTI team in India on several occasions but we have not received any response from them. So I will now participate in next months event to meet UKTI advisors and hopefully someone from India will be willing to help.



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Mike Reardon, on behalf of Xiota Limited in DA5.

Vidant Pharma have been working with a partner in India who would be interested to meet you. Have a look at www.appletreenutra.com and contact amiesh@appletreenutra.com
Mike Reardon

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Les Parfitt, on behalf of TMG Advisory P Ltd in TA8 1EZ.

Hi Mansoor,

We are an independent market entry specialist company based in India with offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kerala. Several members of our staff are ex UKTI and have very good connections in the market to assist you.
Finding an importer/distributor in India is not an easy task as there are no ready made lists of companies so contacts have to be researched and matched to your products. We have helped a wide range of UK companies extablish themselves in India and I'm sure we can help you. We would require further details of your products/services in order to provide you with a budget quote for the work. If interested, drop me an email to lparfitt@tmgadvisory.com
I run the UK office for TMG
Best regards, Les Parfitt, TMG Advisory (UK)

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kiran sharma, on behalf of UK Trade & Investment India in India.


I am sorry for not replying earlier.Beauty business in India is at its peak and people are looking for solutions to look good.Since herbal cosmetics originated from India, awarness of its efficacy is quite widespread. However import of cosmetics is not quite simple. Importer needs to get clearance from Drug controllers office and a licence needs to be taken after getting the clearance from testing laboratories. Import duty on cosmetcis is about 47% + vat of 13.5%.

If you send us a complete brief on your products, I could check around for distributors. This will be under a charge which is highly subsidised by Government.You could write to me with more details.


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Adriana Vega, on behalf of UK India Business Council in SW1P.

Dear Mansoor,

Great to hear about your India plans. At the UK India Business Council, our mission is to help British Businesses succeed in India. And in our office in London, my colleague Tara Panjwani is responsible for the Retail, Lifestyle and Logistics sector. I think she may be of assistance and you can contact her at: Tara.Panjwani@ukibc.com.

Since you are going to India for 5 weeks at the end of the year. I think you may also find it useful to know that the UKIBC recently launched our British Business Centre in Gurgaon, New Delhi, where we offer facilities for hot desking and meeting rooms. Do feel free to visit our website for more information: http://www.ukibc.com/

Hope that I have been of help.

Best regards,

Adriana Vega
Research Manager

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