Electrical distributors in Germany, Russia and Sweden

Question posted by Adrian Jacobs, on behalf of Cynergy3 Components Ltd in BH21

We are a manufacturer of electrical sensors and products such as liquid level and flow, reed switches and relays, pressure transmitters, etc, and we are looking to increase our exports in Germany, Sweden and Russia.

We are looking for local distribution companies in these countries that distribute similar electrical and electronic sensors and products that will stock our products and sell on to local manufacturers.

Any guidance/contacts would be appreciated.

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Miles Scudamore, on behalf of Promodo (UK) Ltd in LN2.

Hello Adrian,

Unfortunately we cannot directly put you in contact with local distributors in these countries but if you struggle sourcing the right distributors soon we could support you with promoting your business within these countries using Online Marketing and Digital Marketing methods that may help you.

We support US and UK businesses looking at promoting their website or E-commerce solution within Europe and Russia. In regards to Russian markets we have an office based in Moscow and Kharkiv, Ukraine which we could help strategise a Yandex (Russian Search Engine) campaign to source new clients or distributors. Sorry we could not help directly but if we can help in another way please feel free to contact us or myself direct.

Thank you

Miles Scudamore

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Bryan Fisher, on behalf of TGT Consulting in CV7.

I work with a German company that is very active in the electromechanical automotive industry and could be of interest to you.
If you would like to discuss this further please email me on tgtconsult@btinternet.com.
Bryan Fisher

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Hello Adrian

Enterprise Europe South West is part of the Enterprise Europe Network - http://een.ec.europa.eu/ One of the services offered by the network is the Partnerhsip service, an opportunity for companies to find business partners throughout Europe and beyond. This is a free service.

How it works:

1. We produce a tailored and anonymous profile of your company detailing your products / services, your business proposition and requirements of your business partners

2. We then distribute through our network of around 600 partners via our online database, Business Co-operation Database. The database can be accessed on different platforms, newsletters and at events.

3. Profiles that match your requirements are then emailed to you so you can start negotiation.

We receive about 70 company profiles from more than 50 countries that are seeking business partners with UK companies every week.

If you are interested in posting your company's profile, you can contact us at info@enterpriseeuropesw.org.uk

Kind regards

Teresa Coen

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With regards to your enquiry I would suggest that you contacted your local Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) department which I believe would be in Southampton. Here are the contact details below:

Contact this Network branch via its national website: http://www.enterpriseeurope-se.eu
Address: 53 Bugle Street, SO14 2LF Southampton, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)23 8020 6162
Email: info@eiscltd.eu
Organisation's Website: http://www.eiscltd.eu

The Enterprise Europe Network aims to assist businesses going overseas. Thanks to a network consisting of more than 600 branches in Europe and beyond, EEN operates a Business Cooperation Database, which allows your company’s profile to be uploaded for a period of 12 months. The free service allows colleagues from other EEN branches to advertise your profile in their publications and during events. We are also able to provide a search of potential business partners in accordance with your request.

I hope this is of assistance to you.

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Adrian Jacobs, on behalf of Cynergy3 Components Ltd in BH21.

Many thanks for the responses. I've followed up with Enterprise Europe South West.

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Dear Adrian,

I'm from UKTI-Russia, and we, as a UK governemnt organisation, support UK business in overseas countris.
I cover IT, Telecom and Electronics sector and will be happy to assist you to identify a distributor at the Russian market. Please do not hesitate to contact me:

Ludmila Stepnova
Senior Trade and Investment Adviser, IT, Telecom, Electronics,
UKTI-Russia, British Embassy Moscow

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