Does anyone know where I can purchase a list of named export managers inUK businesses

Question posted by stephen hider

We want to contact export managers to discuss exports to India

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Richard England, on behalf of Consulting for Export in WD3.

Before spending any money, you are probably better off typing "Export Manager, India" or simply "Export Manager" into the people search box on linkedin. You will find lots of export managers, their names, companies and profiles which might also indicate their association or experience with India. Alternatively, if you join one of the "Export" or "International Trade" groups on linkedin you can post a discussion topic that might draw out some of the people you are looking for.

Another tip would be to undertake a very targeted pay-per-click campaign via linkedin which can be tailored towards export managers, size of company, industry sector and geographic region. You have the ability to decide exactly how much money you want to spend on the campaign and you will get an instant picture of who and how many people are looking at your advertisement or website. It might be worth a go if you are thinking of spending money.


Richard England

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