Question posted by Benjamin Riley, on behalf of PAR FOODS LTD in SN11

Our company currently manages an extensive portfolio of major British brands that we export to Bermuda and Malta. Examples of the products that we export include: yogurts, sausages, cheeses, frozen vegetables, bread, bacon and much more. We are looking to expand our customer base by connecting with experienced food distributors in various countries worldwide.

Please contact us for further details.

Kind Regards

Benjamin Riley

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Madeline Blackburn, on behalf of ESPA UK in BA1 1DE.

Hi Benjamin

If you're serious about building a team of international distributors it would be very useful to get language skills into your company. One of the most cost effective ways to do this is to take on a grant funded Business student from a European university. They often speak several languages and are very keen to make a difference to their host company. Internships usually last about 6 months.

If you need more information you are welcome to get in touch.
Good luck!

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Richard England, on behalf of Consulting for Export in WD3.

I would be happy to help you put a sustainable, realistic and pro-active export strategy together for your branded products. I have assisted more than 150 companies, many of which are food producers, to export to new destinations, and my database of food importers in key markets is current.

Richard England

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Mike Hunter, on behalf of Ltd. in Nottingham.

Hi Benjamin, as a translation company, our top specialism is food label translation, we work with both food retailers and manufacturers translating international food packaging. We can also help with translation of marketing materials, distributor agreements, and many other technical areas. We can help both with translation for over-stickering if you are running a trial in a new market, and with single target language, or multiple language full pack artwork. We also work with compliance companies to ensure correct legal wording. If you would like to know more, we would be happy to discuss further.

On a wider level, if you don't already have contact with UKTI, we would recommend this, they have some excellent programmes to help exporters including Passport to Export, and Gateway to Global Growth, we have been on both programmes and found them invaluable. Depending on your location, its likely that your local UKTI will have a food and drink industry specialist amongst their international trade advisors and their advice and specialist knowledge is inpartial, and can be extremely helpful.

Regarding Madeline's suggestion about European business students, we have made good use of the Erasmus programme for EU funded MA students in our case they are specifically translation masters students, and they don't do any translation themselves, but help with QA checking work. We've found with general business students language skills vary, and much depends on how you would want to use them in the business. An export communications review undertaken by UKTI can help you look at possible language needs in your business, including any potential gaps.

I've written an article about the role of translation when entering international markets:

Hope this is all helpful.

Kindest regards

Mike Hunter,
CEO, Ltd.

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Min Patel, on behalf of IFL Air & Sea Ltd in UB2.

Hi Benjamin

IFL import/export all kinds of products and have good links with all the major shipping lines and airlines which provide the backbone to our business.

Many of our import clients deal in fresh perishable produce which is then split in our 10,000 sq. ft. distribution centre and delivered across the UK. We also send products via air and sea to various global destinations.

Please do contact us for any assistance you may require, we would be grateful to offer you a service.

Kind regards
Tel: 020 8606 8900

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You may be interested in 2 things we can offer:

1) We run UK pavilions at a number of international food and drink trade shows at some of which UKTI grants are available to eligible exhibitors. Taking a stand at a trade show is a great way to build your contacts.

2) You may also find it useful to join the Food & Drink Exporters Association to take advantage of our network, events and market visits.

Find out more at

Happy to help where we can!


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Gemma Price, on behalf of @GemmaPriceUK in W13.


You may wish to contact UKTI Food & Drink who will be able to connect you with UK Food & Drink exporters looking to increase their international business:

Rob Furse
Food & Drink sector specialist

Kind regards


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