Award Winning Sicilian Ogranic Olive Oil producer looking to export in UL

Question posted by Giuseppe La Loggia, on behalf of Societa' Agricola Margiotta in N1

Societa' Agricola Margiotta is an Award Winning Sicilian Organic Olive Oil producer which is willing to expand its market and start to export this top quality olive oil in Europe, UK, Middle East.
I am looking for wholesale buyer, representative of Supermarket chains and other potential buyers or advisers interested in such a business.
Please get in touch:
Giuseppe La Loggia

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Sarah Carroll, on behalf of Grow Global Limited in BN1.

Giuseppe -

Great to hear that you're looking to export your organic olive oil.

UKTI offers a service called the Export Communications Review which can help you to optimise your website for international trade, making you visible in search engines in other countries. This will help you to generate new leads and sales online, as well as finding new agents or distributors.

To find out more, take a look at under Services or send us a message on

Good luck with your international plans!

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