Mark Everson

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12 years delivering top-end technical language services
+ 20 years managing in manufacturing industry & logistics
= outstanding partner for your export language needs. Hey, if you got it, flaunt it!

We provide a full range of language services including: TRANSLATION (technical, commercial, legal, financial, marketing)
INTERPRETING (face-to-face, telephone, conference, across the UK and pretty much globally - we've done Korea, China, France, the Gabon...)
MULTIMEDIA (foreign language voiceover + subtitling)
TYPESETTING (brochures, catalogues etc in the language(s) you need, looking just as good as the original)
LOCALISATION (websites, packaging - anything where simple translation won't cut it)

We don't have an answer for every language need, but with 3500 partner linguists and companies in 70 countries there's a good chance that we do have for most. Exporting 30% of turnover ourselves to other language companies worldwide, we really do understand the question so if you need language for export we're not a bad place to start.

Hope to speak to you soon!