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My biography

For over 12 years my passion has been helping international technology companies to break into the Japanese market and develop their business in a cost effective, results orientated way.

I’ve been honoured to help over 50 companies from Europe, the USA and Canada to enter the market and transform their business results in Japan through sales, marketing, technical, and engineering support at strategic and tactical level. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with CEO’s and SVP’s of amazing companies as well as high level government officials such as US, UK and Japanese Ambassadors. However, I have a particular passion for small/medium size enterprises and helping them succeed in Japan.

My role as CEO of Business Link Japan keeps me pretty busy. Many of our clients are leaders in their particular field, and most of my strategies for developing business in Japan have come from working with such an exciting wide variety of companies and people. I've had the privilege of modelling and distilling the strategies of some of the most successful international companies to do business in Japan. I’ve used these methods to help other clients to optimize and grow their business to new and more profitable levels. I lead a team of 13 people in Japan, and continue to learn from them every day.

One of the things I am most proud of is being awarded the ‘Person of the Year’ award at the annual British Business Awards in Japan in November 2011. HM British Ambassador Sir David Warren presented the award in recognition of the work I have done to help many international companies to succeed in Japan over the past 10+ years. My award win was also acknowledged by US Ambassador John Roos at the annual USA Entrepreneur Awards Ceremony in Tokyo.

I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities life has given me and therefore believe it is important to give back as much as possible. For this reason I am pleased to support fundraising for various worthwhile causes, most recently completing the London Marathon on behalf of the charity 'Anna's Hope'.

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