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Darren Playfoot has over 20 years experience in the freight forwarding industry. Darren has extensive experience of the import and export industry including load planning, destination documentation, customs regulations, and registering and testing clients' products for destination standards programs. Darren has excellent knowledge in most countries’ requirements and specialises in East and West Africa.

Darren is Shipping & Sales Manager at Rochard Shipping Ltd.

Rochard Shipping Ltd, founded in I994, is based in Chertsey, Surrey and is ideally located near Heathrow Airport with easy motorway access all South East docks. It offers an alternative to the corporate, and often inflexible, large forwarders.

Rochard Shipping offers a personalised service to its clients and has warehousing facilities in Chertsey, Barcelona and Ipswich.

All employees at Rochard Shipping have many years industry experience and, as such, have established abundant contacts worldwide enabling them to keep abreast of the many changes in the industry.

Rochard Shipping Ltd is a full trading member of BIFA and is ISO 9001 accredited.

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