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Health on the move - Mobile health and technology in China and the UK

HEALTH ON THE MOVE Catherine Tsui and Christopher Wasden of PwC discuss the advances in mobile he...

Rise of the RMB - London set to become the next hub for China's global currency strategy

RISE OF THE RMB The RMB’s liberalisation into an influential global currency is providing   oppor...

E-Commerce: China's Great Gateway

Posted on 26 October 2012

E-Commerce: China's Great Gateway

Nearly half a billion online users and an industry with a turnover of US$80 billion in  2010, up  87...

Opportunities for UK Companies in Delivery of China's Eco-Cities and Green Building

The effective development and implementation of eco-cities and green building projects involves a co...

UK-China Cooperation in Agriculture

Posted on 24 October 2012

UK-China Cooperation in Agriculture

Agriculture has always been high on the list of priorities for China – not least due to the  huge ch...

Culture Club: Opportunities in China's Creative Industries

In 2011 the Chinese Government listed the creative sector as a pillar industry. A decade ago, the co...

Advanced Ambition: Opportunities in China's Advanced Engineering Sector

The advanced engineering sector in China is dominated by two areas: automotive and aerospace. China ...

Learning Curve: UK-China Partnerships in Education

China’s higher education (HE) sector plays a key role in the country’s modernisation, but although ...

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