Roger Frampton

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From 2000 to 2007 Roger helped literally hundreds of client companies of UKTI with their business and marketing strategies for the Americas. Before that he was involved in a UK open systems and software house, Digitus (acquired by ECSoft, a Nasdaq company) and later as a shareholding director of both Micromuse and Superscape.

For Micromuse, a UK network asset and complexity management developer, he was a shareholding director, opened the company's first USA office, and managed initial marketing. Subsequently listed on Nasdaq, Micromuse was later acquired by IBM. Later he became a shareholding director of Superscape, a UK developer of interactive, three-dimensional software, which listed on the London Stock Exchange in order to finance the establishment of a subsidiary in the US. Superscape was later acquired by Glu Mobile. Roger was director of worldwide communications for Superscape, representing the company on conference platforms around the world as well as briefing media and analysts and working with international subsidiaries and distributors.

Following the fulfillment of a service contract, he served UKTI on a part-time basis in three roles - each focused on assisting UK companies establish, develop and manage business in the Americas. Concurrently, he served the European Commission as a project reviewer and rapporteur on two multinational technology-based projects: Virtual Assisted Testing (VAT) and a Concurrent Engineering Management training environment (COSIGA). He also managed a consortium partner's participation in two European Commission projects: EPIFOCAL and INFORM, both advanced electronic publishing and communications services.

Roger is a published author and experienced public speaker and broadcaster.