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Founded in 1991 by Allyson Stewart-Allen, International Marketing Partners Ltd. was born on the back of clients asking not only for advice on how to generally grow the quality and number of customers in their home and international markets, but also specifically how to localize their products and services so they would be relevant and viable in those markets.
Finding clients were most interested in the know-how of the consulting team members meant the company could, in its early days, draw on the experience of recognized experts in her network. International Marketing Partners today still uses this successful model: hand-selecting the right mix of consulting experience driven by the goals, strategies and culture of our client businesses.
Which is why, three decades later, we're still a successful specialist marketing practice advising entrepreneurs and industry leaders across a range of industry sectors.

Your return on investment is our primary goal, which can only be achieved when our work with you applies our experience, know-how and international networks of experts and past clients alike.
Your relationship with us means that for us to succeed, we must be good listeners — to your objectives, to how to fit your organization's culture, to where the market knowledge gaps are (and how best to close them) and to creating business development and marketing strategies that can be readily implemented, with or without us.
The only way we can deliver your expected returns is through a hands-on approach, our on-the-ground expertise and a close working relationship with you and your teams.
It's about action and implementation, not just lengthy, prescriptive reports.


Our USA contact details are:
International Marketing Partners Ltd.
6371 West 79th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Tel: +1 310 665 1155


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Year Established: 1991

Last updated: 6 July 2012, by Allyson Stewart-Allen

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