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Amberlight Partners Ltd ( helps British and global blue chip organisations design and develop better digital products and services and maximise the ROI from them.
We have 12 years experience that will help you understand what your customers experience when they come across your brands. Do they find your products usable? Do they find your services useful? Do they find your communications persuasive? Work with us and you will be able to build more effective digital assets (websites, mobile apps, video games, interactive TV interfaces...) and high tech physical products because we will help you to:
• understand what your target audiences want and how they behave
• identify and prioritise the actions you need to take to deliver your organisational goals such as increased conversion
What we do
Amberlight delivers insight and advice at every stage of the product development lifecycle:
• Before products have been developed, we help you identify what you should be developing
• During product development, we help you understand the content and functionality required
• After products have been launched, we advise you on how their performance can be improved
How we do it
We conduct detailed research into your requirements and your customers’ requirements. The techniques we use include creative workshops, surveys, user experience tests, benchmarking, eye-tracking and web analytics.
We produce detailed designs based on our research: Depending on what you need, we can create documents specifying the content and functionality required, detailed page by page “wireframes” that show what happens on each page of a website, or final graphic designs.
Our approach is always tailored to your requirements and designed to fit within budget, time, resource and technical constraints.
Why we are different
Our client list speaks for itself. In the last 6 months we have been working with: AOL, Boots, British Aerospace, BT, eBay, the Guardian, Microsoft, News International, Orange, Samsung, Sony, the Post Office and Vodafone.
Why do these leading organisations choose to work with Amberlight? Because we are different:
• We focus on organisational goals as well as consumer goals: changing behaviour (including achieving online conversions) is fundamental to what we do
• We provide actionable and prioritised recommendations which enable you to take appropriate and timely decisions
• Our advice is based on qualitative and quantitative evidence, not only on opinion (although our opinion, based on years of experience, is important too)
• We deliver a one-stop-shop service, from developing new ideas for products to delivering the final graphic design
• While all our consultants are qualified at Masters level or above, we are a small friendly team who don’t like using jargon but who do like delivering practical advice
Find out more
To learn more about Amberlight, why not get in touch with our Managing Director
Jeremy Swinfen Green MA MBA CMC FIC on +44 (0)207 307 7770 or

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Turnover outside of UK: 5-10% | Number of Employees: 11-50 | Stage Of Exporting: Setting up to export
Year Established: 12

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