This guide explains the ‘Questions’ section of Open to Export and how to use it effectively, whether you are seeking help & advice to export or wish to provide help & advice to others. It covers the following three topics:

Asking a question

If you are considering exporting, or if you are already exporting, our Q&A section offers a great way to find any help and advice you might need. Asking a question is simple – access the ‘Ask a question’ option within the ‘Your Account’ section of your dashboard screen. You will be prompted to add a title, any details important to your question, and to select a section relating to your question – this is an important stage as your category selection will generate notifications to the most appropriate members of our community (see how to set up your own question notifications below).

Before submitting your question to the site by clicking the ‘Ask Question’ button, you can choose not to show your profile against your question. However, our community may be less likely to answer anonymous questions.

Once you have submitted your question it will appear on the site. Our content team will moderate all questions before sending notifications to our community. This is normally done within one business day from submission.

You will then receive an email notification every time your question receives an answer from our community.

You can also ask a question by navigating to ‘questions’ on the main navigation and following the same journey.

Answer a question

We would like to encourage you to share your experiences and knowledge by answering any questions that fall within your areas of expertise. You can access the questions raised on the site from either the ‘Recent questions’ section on the homepage, the ‘questions’ link in the top navigation bar, or from within your dashboard screen by selecting ‘My Questions’. Either way, when you click through to a question you can provide an answer by responding in the answer box at the bottom and then clicking “Send”, as below.

For your information, when you click the ‘questions’ link on the top navigation bar or via the ‘Recent questions’ section on the homepage, you will see all the latest questions in the Q&A – whereas when you access the ‘My Questions’ section from your dashboard you should only see questions relevant to you and your area of industry.

Accessing the Q&A via the homepage or the navigation bar will present you with questions split into three sections – ‘Latest Activity’ showing the most recent Q&A interactions, ‘Unanswered Questions’ showing any questions awaiting an answer, and ‘My Questions’ will list any questions you have asked yourself.

Setting notification filters

Every question posted on Open to Export will be tagged with up to three categories and notification emails are sent based upon these. If you wish to receive notifications only for questions on specific Topics, Countries or Sectors, you should set up Question Filters.

To do this, you’ll need to go to ‘Question Filters’ in the Settings section of your dashboard.

Content Filter: The first filter is the Content Filter, which has three sections – Countries, Topics and Sectors. You can use the drop-down menus to explore all three sections and select the options most relevant to you and your business (you may wish to simply choose all).

Relevance Filter: The next filter is the Relevance Filter. Your selections here affect your content filters. These are set to ‘OR’ by default. This means that notifications will be sent for a question with any one of your Content Filters.

If you wish to receive notifications only for questions tagged with two or more categories from the Content Filter (e.g. ‘Getting Started’ and ‘India’), then you must select ‘AND’ from either/both of the drop-down selection menus in this section.

question filters set up

Origin Filter: The final notification filter option is the ‘Origin Filter’. Use this option if you wish to receive notifications only for questions from organisations in specific regions of the UK (e.g. if your services are offered to local businesses only). By default, you will receive notifications for questions regardless of the origin.

To save your preferences, click the ‘Update’ button.

Once you have completed this, both the question notifications you receive, and the questions listed in the ‘Questions of Interest’ section in your dashboard, will be tailored and relevant to you.