action plan competition 2017

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It was a thorough and thought-provoking exercise and I found the interactive elements very useful.

It’s structured in such a way that you have no choice but to ask yourself some searching questions! Certainly one of the most productive forms I’ve ever filled in!

Ann Attridge, Klik2Learn

michele conway pasta foods

I found the Export Action plan at a critical time when I was looking to compile a strategy for the next five years. It presented us with the ability to maximise the fantastic exporting opportunities out there.

The plan has made us consider the priorities for our business and enabled us to strategically look at where to focus our efforts first, we’ve already achieved some quick wins.

Michele Conway, Pasta Foods

Kim Pott, Funky Feet

The Export Action Plan really helps you focus on the different areas of export and signposts which countries to go for and why.

It helps set timescales and deadlines, and if a particular course proves to be a fruitless pursuit, this is signalled quickly so you can write it off and move on without time-wasting.

Kim Pott, Funky Feet

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It’s a great way to organise what steps we need to take, think about things we had not yet considered, and work out what we need to research.

By getting things in order, we can efficiently work through what needs to be done. We can then just focus on getting orders, being confident we can deliver to our customers.

Teri Olins, Ops&Ops

nikky hall - polkadoodles

I was impressed how the plan took me through the practical stages and kept me focused and on track. It also gave me clarity on key issues such as documentation and capital outlay.

As a result of the plan, I made changes for the better which included changing the packaging of our products into different languages and learning valuable things about shipment.

Nikky Hall, Polkadoodles

Beverley Dean, Special iApps

It’s the third member of our team! Starting the export process is like launching a new business and we needed to understand what we had to do – and how it could be done.

The Export Action Plans questions and suggestions made so much sense – listing everything we needed to think about and how to actually go about capitalising on overseas opportunities.

Beverley Dean, Special iApps