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    Finding your niche in international markets

    Steve Barnes (Food and Drink Federation) and Elsa Fairbanks (Food and Drink Exporters Association) gave an overview of the food and drink landscape, before Nigel Bryan (Lizi’s Granlola) shared his experiences as an exporter. The webinar explored the different niches food and drink companies can explore in markets around the world and the different channels available to first time exporters.

    Food labelling for export

    Hear from Defra’s Head of Food Labelling and labelling & regulation experts Ashbury about what you need to consider when exporting inside and outside the EU. Also hear an explanation of the implications are of the new European regulations (FIR) that come into effect from December 2014. Essential viewing for any food business.

    Live Currency Q&A

    A panel of currency experts and exporters answered currency questions, including whether you should quote or price in the local currency and how you can protect yourself against currency fluctuations for payments from customers and to your international suppliers.

    Regulation, Distribution & Support

    Whether your need is understanding the documentation and regulation requirements, identifying the types of assistance available or selecting the best way to take your products to market, this webinar will provide an overview of the export support landscape. Speakers from Defra, DIT and the online trading platform, itradein, will share their knowledge and experience.

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    • Finding your niche in international markets

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    • Food labelling for export

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    • Live Currency Q&A

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    • Regulation, Distribution & Support

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Useful Links

  • Market Access Database

    Free tool that allows you to calculate global import duty rates, rules of origin and trade barriers.

  • UK Trade Tariff

    Free tool for identifying your products worldwide HS Tariff/Commodity codes, any current restrictions and who can help you export them.


    Free tool which details restrictions and legislation when importing raw materials and exporting finished articles.

  • Government
  • DIT Food & Drink Team

    Government body that helps exporters develop their business internationally. Get personalised support from an International Trade Adviser or access trade shows, meet the buyer events and opportunities.

  • Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

    Government department responsible for policy and regulations on environmental, food and rural issues. Front door to sector specific departments who can support documentation requirements.

  • Trade Associations
  • Food & Drink Exporters Association

    Trade association dedicated to UK food and drink exporters. Services to members include market workshops, meet the buyer events, an export helpdesk and networking.

  • Food & Drink Federation

    Largest UK food & drink trade association. Provides export events, information on overseas business opportunities and memeber support.

  • Local Business Support
  • Chambers of Commerce

    Connects you with new business opportunities in international markets and provides business advice, services and training.

  • Local Enterprise Partnerships

    Helps local businesses export via the distribution of national grants, training and networking. Key focus on food & drink.

  • Enterprise Europe Network

    Free service which matches UK businesses with potential EU partners. Has a strong food and drink presence in over 40 countries.