Beyond the EU – looking to a ‘Global Britain’


In a recent poll, we found that 70% of UK SMEs are looking to expand beyond the EU following Brexit.

When we hosted a webinar on Brexit and what UK exporters need to know about it in 2017 last January one of the key tips given was to consider looking ‘beyond the EU’ at markets around the world. This was quickly followed by Prime Minister May’s suggestion that Brexit should be followed by a more ‘Global Britain’.

While Europe will always be the most significant region for UK exports, looking beyond the continent and trading with more regions around the world is a great way of spreading risk for growing businesses.

In November and February we followed this advice, running webinars on markets beyond the EU in the Commonwealth, Russia, North and South America.  

You can find recordings of each of the webinars below and further tips supplied by market experts from each region.

What UK SMEs need to know about Brexit in 2017

The Institute of Export and International Trade and Enterprise Europe Network guide UK SMEs through how they can plan for the different repercussions and eventualities of Brexit in 2017.


The Commonwealth (incl Nigeria and Austrlia) – Watch now

The Commonwealth Investment and Enterprise Council give an overview of the support they provide and were joined by market experts for Australia and Nigeria (DIT and Oreed) who gave insights into how UK SMEs can sell into these massive market.



David Cant from Albion Overseas gives an overview of the challenges and opportunities of doing business in Russia. He is joined by Alec Bessey from Oxfordcrown, an English language education company in Russia, who shares his experiences doing business in Russia.


You can also read David’s guide to exporting to Russia.

Latin America

Jeff Lewis (Resultz Ltd) and Philip Gray (Brazil Business Hub) give an overview of the opportunities and business culture in Latin America while taking a deeper look into some of the region’s bigger markets including Brazil.


You can also read 10 top tips to exporting to Latin America provided by Gabriela Castro-Fontoura.

North America

Altios International give an overview of the opportunities and challenges of doing business in three massive markets – Canada, the USA and Mexico.


You can also read 5 tips for each of the three markets provided by Altios International

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