Export Action Plan Finals Day – as it happened

Relive the presentations and big moments from the fantastic Export Action Plan Competition finals day. A truly inspiring set of companies shared their export plans for the chance to win £3000 funding.

Charles Farris - Open to Export winners

A wonderful day – some absolutely inspiring businesses!

Export Action Plan Finalists

Congratulations to !! Our Export Action Plan Competition winners!

10 presentations 1 winner. The judges have a decision to make

Open to Export finalists - Turtle Tots

competitor analysis has shaped growth plans – intelligent export planning!

aim is to become global swimming brand of choice. China to be a big step on the way.

Ireland not the same as UK but great way to cut your teeth exporting.

recent online evolution setting things up for export. Trademarks in place in international markets. Canada and UAe next..

a brand licensed around the uk and Ireland – set up as a franchise, with international room for growth!

last but not least! Aqua-natal yoga for babies and toddlers – starting in Ireland and Australia…

Special iApps

key for international expansion is translation throughout the content strategy.

English speaking apps lowest fruit, mouth to mouth growth. Great potential for structured growth…

multilingual education apps for children with special needs, current exporting reactive not strategic

Prison Voicemail

finding similar prison systems key to prioritising target markets!

growing every month with a stable platform ready to grow abroad – USA Canada Australia Europe & more. No other competitor.

offenders 6 times more likely to reoffend if they get estranged from their families.

Back underway with helping prisoners stay in touch with their family, following overwhelming demand. Fantastic humane cause

Lunch is coming to a close at export action plan day. Three afternoon presentations to come! Great day so far..

Opal Contracts

explain the need to plan properly for export. Have a strategy and know where your product is needed!

Disposable fast fitting curtains reducing effort & time improving cleanness. So far exports reactive.

presenting – how to reduce infections in hospitals through better quality curtains

Lifeline 24

– importance of a local voice on the other end – customers needs at heart, wherever they are..

manufacturer uk based but have a strong Australia presence – coherent strategy along with an Australia manager in place!

trying to raise awareness abroad. Same business model to be applied in Australia in particular. Competitive pricing key.

are on now – personal alarms for the elderly, potentially life saving – fast and cheap to use.

Intrepid Brewing

no substitute for face to face contact – go out there and meet people!

international growth can bring down variable costs, decreasing risk. Focussing on specific markets key. Proximity key!

enjoying the range of beers! Quality ingredients, quality beers!

Funky Feet

look for trade partners linked with schools & expat communities. iTunes & Amazon as sales channels. supported – IP key

developed with physiological and physical pathways in mind – educating children to move meaningfully though music..

Now we’ve got bringing a musical touch! Tried and tested with uk parents/schools – time to go abroad

Charles Farris

scepticism in Germany about Uk quality but interest in

Second up is already working with and growing intrnl interest

2 Little Boys

Mexico an untapped market with demand. Canada not as easy as it seems, despite language similar. Questioning begins!

We’re underway on action plan finals day! kicking things off – website translation key!

Action Plan finals day today! Read about all the companies in it to it –

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