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Export Action Plan Case Study: Opal Health

Business: Opal Health, Birmingham. Disposable curtains for healthcare.

Opal Disposables are the quick, efficient, hygienic alternative to traditional hospital cubicle curtains.

Designed to fit 100% of existing tracks this robust product is easy to fit, easy to change and easy to pull round whilst offering higher privacy levels than most standard curtains.

Using our 100% recyclable curtains saves time and labour costs associated with laundering along with helping to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections.


Denise Moore, business development and export manager and Lucie Reeve, sales manager

Opal Contracts
Denise Moore, business development and export manager and Lucie Reeve, sales manager

When and why did the business decide to export?

Our product was immediately successful and is now in half of the UK’s hospitals. As such, we weren’t surprised at overseas interest via our website, but converting that to sales was not as easy as we thought (we went to the Middle East four years ago without much success). It was clear that we needed a structured plan and guidance. We became active again internationally last June – you really can’t do it on your own and need a support tool such as the Export Action Plan.

What is the company’s export vision?

Hospital infections are a worldwide issue and we are seeking to make a worldwide difference by tapping into the potential universal demand for our product.

How did you find out about Open to Export?

UKTI recommended OtE very highly.

How useful – and in what way – did you find the Export Action Plan?

It complements UKTI’s Passport to Export masterclasses and events perfectly. EAP makes you think about everything you learned there.

How has/will the plan help accelerate your export goals?

As well as being a great learning tool, it has given us the confidence to push into export markets, starting with Sweden and, now, Ireland.

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