Article posted by Nitin Dahad, for UK Trade & Investment
31 July 2012

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When you look at the statistics Brazil certainly has a strong place in the global telecoms and ICT market:

  • It is the 4th largest wireless market in the world, with more than 253 million lines in April 2012;
  • It is the 6th largest fixed telephony market in the world, with approximately 43 million lines;
  • The market for mobile broadband is 37.6 million accesses, and fixed broadband 16.5 million;
  • Brazil is the second largest IT market among the emerging countries, just after China, with a growth rate forecast of 7% per year;
  • There are 81.7 million Internet users at 2011 – ranking it fifth in the world (source: IBOPE Nielsen)
  • The telecom gross operational revenue was US$153.6 billion in 2011;
  • The forecast for IT investments in 2012 is US$ 144 billion.

These are the figures quoted by the organizers of Futurecom 2012, a conference and trade exhibition being held in Rio de Janeiro in October 2012, and collated from various industry associations and data analyst firms.

What’s interesting is that this seems to suggest significant opportunity. It’s clear from speaking to telecoms operators and organizations in Brazil that those responsible for delivering the World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016 in Brazil are keen to learn from best practice in technology implementation for the events they will be hosting in Brazil (see response to question on this subject here). Over the last year, there have been several Brazilian government and company delegations visiting the UK and Europe on fact finding trips and to meet with companies and organisations in the UK from whom they can learn – and potentially engage with too.

Even during the Olympics in London during 2012, there has been a huge Brazilian presence – obviously both to experience how London has delivered the games, but also to explore how they might use that knowledge and expertise.

UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) has over the last year been supporting various technology companies to look at opportunities that might arise from helping Brazilian companies to deliver their major sporting events.

Two forthcoming missions will look at Brazil in this light – one is a mission next month (August 2012) to the Broadcast & Cable show in Sao Paulo (21-23 August 2012 – for more information about UKTI support, click here), and the second is to Futurecom 2012 in Rio de Janeiro (8-11 October 2012).

Futurecom is the largest conference and trade show in the communications sector in Latin America – with around 15,000 people from 40 countries having visited last year.

UKTI is organizing various activities around this conference for a delegation of UK companies planning to take advantage of the opportunity to explore potential business.

In order to give you an idea of the type of audience the organizers are attracting to this conference and trade show, here are a few of the conference themes/sessions from the programme:

  • Overcoming the challenges to meet traffic growth in relation to investment demands
  • Latin America: scenarios and regulation challenges in communications
  • Olympics, World Cup and ICT infrastructure: how Brazil is getting ready?
  • M2M: new business frontiers
  • Broadband and innovation: promoting social and economic development
  • Smart cities: challenges and revolutionary solutions for the citizen
  • LTE: challenges in the implantation of networks in Brazil and Latin America
  • Small cell, cognitive radio, WiFi offload: impacts on mobile access with new technologies
  • Over the top: the impact of mobile applications in business
  • Smart grid: governments and private sector streamlining the resources through information and communication technologies
  • The new generation of tablets, smartphones, ultra notebooks and webTV: a society in transformation
  • M-Health: the revolution of mobile applications in health care.

If you are interested in participating in the mission to Futurecom, you’ll need to make an application to UKTI – more details and an application form are available from UKTI.

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Article posted by Nitin Dahad, for UK Trade & Investment
31 July 2012

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